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Hawk told Pat McAfee that Rodgers was competitive about his recent golf match against Tom Brady, and that Rodgers is going to want to compete this football season as well.Cleveland Browns Face Masks

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Cleveland offensive lineman Wyatt Teller and his wife, Carly, joined the Dawgs of War podcast and talked about that now-infamous AFC Wild Card game.

Another good thing about the Jags’ offensive line is that they aided James Robinson to the No. 5 spot in terms of total rushing yards last season. That could very well entice Meyer to utilize the run game to protect Lawrence, but it still would be nice to see the team hold their own in pass-protection scenarios.

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Carter retired without even playing in the championship game and Moss lost in two trips with the Patriots and 49ers. Moss is fourth all-time in the NFL with 15,292 receiving years, just ahead of Bruce with 15,208 receiving yards. Carter has 13,899 career yards, good enough for 13th most in league history, and Holt totaled 13,382 yards for 16th.Buffalo Bills Face Masks

Cam Newton seemed like a smart signing by the Patriots last year, though it was risky. Most would say the Patriots lost that bet, though the Patriots signed up for another year. Newton started 15 games and threw for 2,657 yards, eight touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Those are bad numbers in any era, and shockingly low for 2020. Newton, who had arm issues late in his Panthers career, seemed to have hit the wall as a passer. Yet, the Patriots brought him back on another one-year deal. Clearly they're fine being a ground-and-pound team letting Newton run it a lot, or believe he'll be a better passer after an upgrade at tight end and receiver. New England drafted Mac Jones in the first round, and he seems like a good fit for New England. It's hard to say what New England's timetable will be for Jones to start, because a Bill Belichick-led team has never drafted a quarterback in the first round before. It would make sense to get Jones on the field soon, considering their quarterback had eight passing touchdowns in 15 games last season, but it's typically hard to predict what Belichick will do. One way or another, it doesn't look like a great situation. 

Hypothetical trades involving Rodgers have been popular offseason fodder for NFL fans but the Packers contend they are committed to the disgruntled franchise quarterback.San Francisco 49ers Face Masks

It never hurts when a nickname rhymes. Such is the case with "Greg the Leg" Zuerlein, who boasts one of the strongest kicking legs in the NFL. He kicked 36 field goals of 50-plus yards in the first nine years of his pro career, including a career long of 61. Entering the 2021 season, Zuerlein has converted on 82.2% of his field-goal attempts.Philadelphia Eagles Face Masks